Types of assignment include:

•    Job interviews
•    Appraisals
•    Staff meetings
•    Conferences
•    Lectures/seminars
•    Training sessions
•    Health appointments

Examples of assignments:

•    Mental Health Team Staff meeting
•    Carers Support Group
•    Expert Patient Program
•    Audiology appointment
•    GP Appointment
•    1 – 1 Key worker session

Further Information

Pronotes is primarily a Manual (hand written) Notetaking Service; notes can be typed later for an additional fee.

However, should you need an alternative notetaking service; additional Manual Notetakers, Electronic Notetaker, Speech to Text Reporter (STTR) or Palantypist please contact us.

Eileen has completed BSL level 6 part 1 and now supports Deaf people on a 1 -1 basis within her skill set.

Let Pronotes do the networking for you!

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